Jan 29, 2023

5 Benefits of Working With Lightroom Pre-Sets as a Starting Photographer 

As a starting photographer, editing your images can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to begin. One solution to this problem is to use pre-sets, which are preset filters that can be applied to your images to achieve a specific look. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of using pre-sets as a starting photographer.

  1. Consistency

One of the main benefits of using pre-sets is that they help to create consistency in your work. When you use the same pre-sets on all of your images, they will have a similar look and feel, which can help to establish your brand and make your work more recognizable.

  1. Time-saving

Another benefit of using pre-sets is that they can save you time. Instead of spending hours manually adjusting your images, you can apply a pre-set and make minor adjustments as needed. This can free up more time for you to focus on other aspects of your business or to take more photos.

  1. Learning Tool

Pre-sets can also serve as a learning tool for starting photographers. By using pre-sets, you can learn how to achieve certain looks and effects without having to spend hours experimenting with different settings. This can help you to develop your editing skills and to understand how different adjustments can affect your images.

  1. Inspiration

Using pre-sets can also serve as a source of inspiration for starting photographers. By exploring different pre-sets, you can find new ways to edit your images and discover new styles that you may not have considered before.

  1. Cost-effective

Using pre-sets can also be cost-effective for starting photographers. Instead of purchasing expensive editing software, you can use pre-sets that are available for purchase or even for free. This can help you to keep your costs down and to invest more money in other areas of your business.

In conclusion, using pre-sets as a starting photographer can have many benefits. They can help you to create consistency in your work, save you time, serve as a learning tool, provide inspiration and be cost-effective. However, it’s important to mention that it’s not only about applying pre-sets but also learning how to tweak and adjust them to your liking and style. Pre-sets are a great starting point but as you grow and learn, you’ll want to be able to create your own looks and styles.